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The Care and Keeping of Friends

In this story, Archie has a camera with which he plans to become an ace reporter. There's an episode of Arthur where Francine does the same thing, and according to these two very important childhood cornerstones, everybody hates a photographer, at times indiscriminately.

In the Archie story, Archie's first photo is intended to be of the angry blonde you see in the picture, adjusting her stockings--however, Miss Grundy's head accidentally gets spliced in. Then Miss Grundy decides to show Archie how it's done by taking a picture of Mr Weatherbee at work--but the picture comes out badly placed again, with the secretary appearing to be in his lap. Hi-jinks, right? But Jughead has no reason to be disgruntled...and Veronica doesn't even appear in the story...and that potted plant never shows up again.

So just keep in mind that reporting will lose you popularity even with people and objects who don't know about your new hobby.


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